Bill Eakin "untittled pin hole Photograph"- Cook Street Vintage
Bill Eakin "untittled pin hole Photograph" with Don Harvey "Between"- Cook Street Vintage
image of rose taken with a pin hole camera by William Eakin- Cook Street Vintage

Bill Eakin, "Untitled Pin-Hole Photograph", 1994

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William "Bill" Eakin (1952)is a Canadian photographer from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Eakin's photography is recognized nationally and has focused on reclaimed and disgarded objects. He is a member of the Pinhole Artist Collective in Winnipeg along with Sarah Crawley, Lori Fontaine, Beth Johnson, Jen Loewen, Merrell-Ann Phare, and Bonnie Tulloch. This image, taken with a pinhole camera is seen here with Don Harvey, "Between" 1986,  watercolour and graphite. 


To read more about William Eakin visit Canadian Art.


20" x 23 1/4" (unframed), 27 3/4"H x 31 1/4"W (framed)